I’m finally back! And it’s been an interesting month. Moving is always trying. Not only did we have to organise boxes, suitcases, and animals, but also: furnishing the new apartment, discovering where to buy nutritious food, getting to know the area, and so much more!

Here is a little about our trip in a nutshell:

  • I got a gum infection 2 days before leaving France, and on the weekend, no less, so I couldn’t find a doctor or dentist for help! I spent the airplane ride in pain as well as subsequent days and nights, until I found a lovely dentist in Montréal who treated it and gave me painkillers!
  • We spent 5 hours waiting for my husband’s work permit to be delivered by the authorities. I did manage, however, to get permission to find our 3 pets (who were carelessly left on the side in the baggage claim area, without food or water or care!). Poor things, they were covered in pee, scared to death, and thirsty!
  • Our little boy (5) was so stressed about not seeing daddy that he wouldn’t let me take my eyes off of the escalator while he tried to rest on the hard bench, covered with my big scarf.
  • We arrived so late that I told my friend to just go home with our stuff, which meant that we slept on an improvised bed of clothes and towels in our totally empty apartment!
  • The following day was dedicated to me finding dental care and my husband and son buying us inflatable mattresses and all the basics!

Suffice it to say: it was quite the adventure.

Although it wasn’t the ideal way to travel, I’m always inclined to try to look on the bright side. Our kid took the plane ride pretty well, my husband got his work permit without any issues, the pets arrived safely, I was able to get the medical attention I needed… So even though I’d rather not repeat the fiasco, it’s all good!

Do you have any wild travel stories to tell us about? Why not practice your English skills by posting your own story, however simple! I’ll correct it for you and send you my feedback within a week. 🙂 Too shy to make it public? Send it by email!


moving (to move) – déménager

trying (something is trying, as in, difficult) – éprouvant 

furnishing – ameublement 

nutritious – sain

getting to know (get to know) – apprendre à connaître

gum (body part) – la gencive 

the airplane ride – trajet en avion 

subsequent – suivant

treated – traité (une maladie)

painkiller(s) – antidouleur

delivered (given) – donné 

to get permission – avoir la permission

carelessly – de manière négligente 

on the side – sur le coté 

baggage claim area – retrait des bagages (à l’aéroport)

scared – effrayé 

thirsty – avoir soif

take my eyes off – quitter des yeux

scarf – écharpe 

improvised – improvisé

clothes – vêtements 

towel(s) – serviette éponge

suffice it to say – je me contenterai de dire que

quite – assez (assez cher; assez froid; assez bon, etc.)

although – même si

inclined – avoir tendance à faire (qqch)

look on the bright side – voir le bon coté des choses 

issues – problèmes

safely – en sécurité 

able – capable

get – obtenir

however simply – aussi simple que ce soit

feedback – remarques 

within – dans

shy – timide 

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