Boosting your confidence as an English learner

I’m currently working on creating more visibility for my courses, part of the work involves determining the biggest needs of my clients. This, of course, leads me to think about those needs. So what are they? Apart from the most obvious question of learning or perfecting English, one very big concern that I hear aboutLire la suite « Boosting your confidence as an English learner »


I’m finally back! And it’s been an interesting month. Moving is always trying. Not only did we have to organise boxes, suitcases, and animals, but also: furnishing the new apartment, discovering where to buy nutritious food, getting to know the area, and so much more! Here is a little about our trip in a nutshell:Lire la suite « Arrivals »

Virtual Museums

Over the past few years, visiting any kind of museum has become difficult; they’ve all been intermittently closed. Even when they’re open, many people feel a bit nervous about going on a visit, particularly if they have loved ones with fragile health. Thank goodness, then, for technology. Today, anyone with a computer, or a tabletLire la suite « Virtual Museums »

Shopping for a home

Il est temps pour notre famille de chercher un nouveau « chez nous ». Alors, je me suis dit que ce serait un bon sujet de blog car tout le monde passe par là ! La tâche n’est jamais facile, mais elle est rendu encore plus délicate si on ne la fait pas dans uneLire la suite « Shopping for a home »